TheZZAZZGlitch's April Fools Event 2018 - Desktop client

The event save file connects to the Internet by utilizing the Gameboy link cable, and the BGB emulator happens to have support for emulating link cable transmissions over TCP/IP. Thanks to this, it's possible to use BGB to connect to the event servers via a special client application. Here are some instructions to help you set this up.

Screenshot of the client running

Important note

If you wish to play using a desktop client with a real emulator, do not use savestates while playing! Doing this may cause some items from your inventory to disappear, and render some of the game's quests unfinishable!

Download the client and the emulator

First, download the client application (5KB ZIP). BGB won't be able to connect to a remote service by itself, since its TCP/IP link cable implementation was intended mostly for local use. To help BGB contact the event servers, a local proxy needs to be created. The emulator will send requests to a server launched on your machine, which will forward them to the Interwebz.

Uncompress the ZIP file to a separate directory on your computer's hard drive. To run the client, double click the script.

Obviously, you will also need a copy of the BGB emulator. Get the latest version (as of today, version 1.5.6), as the client application was not tested for anything older than that.

Get the ROM and the save file

You should have a copy of the Pokéemon Yellow English ROM - if you don't have it, acquire one through a method of your choosing. Next, download the event save file. Make sure your ROM and the SAV file have the same file names, this is to make sure BGB will see the save file. So if the ROM name is yellow.gbc, rename your save file to yellow.sav. Make sure the emulator is not running when you're doing this.

Let's begin!

Launch the client application if you haven't already. Log in using your credentials from the event site. Then, launch the BGB emulator and load up your ROM. Then, select Link » Connect from the menu. In the window that appears, enter the server address:

Within the game, load the event save file. A connection test will be performed. If it is successful, then you're set. Have fun exploring Glitchland!


The client requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package. If you receive any errors about missing DLL files, make sure you install it first.

Make sure your firewall isn't blocking the client application from creating a server. If the emulator has trouble connecting to the local server, you might need to check your firewall rules. This especially applies to the Windows Firewall, which likes to block anything that was downloaded from the Internet.

If you're running on Windows Vista or XP, make sure to "unlock" the application. Go the dist folder located in the application directory, view the properties of client.exe and click Unlock if it is there.